At One Park Place it is our mission to provide you with professional work space where you can comfortably and confidently grow into the local business community.


Located in the heart of downtown Fredonia. The south side faces a busy main street while the east side lies next to the shaded Barker Commons Park creating a unique location in town. Restaurants and neighboring businesses are a short walk away making the site perfect place to connect with others. On site parking with assigned parking spaces is located nearby.


Built in 1924, One Park Place has stood the test of time.  It's construction employs trusted and simple design elements allowing for great heat retention in the winter and air flow during the summer.  The building was constructed with I-beam steel framing and reinforced concrete walls, floors, and roof giving it one of the best fire ratings in WNY. Thick walls also improve sound dampening throughout the building. All floors are ADA accessible with an elevator with few steps or inclines the building is well suited for those with physical difficulties.  



New @ One Park Place!


At Frequency, we offer massage therapy and bodywork related services to individuals in need of complementary or preventative pain management treatment as well as those looking to find relief from the stressful mind, form a deeper relationship with the body, and feel more connection and balance in their lives.

-Joseph Murray Myers