Photo Gallery


Built to Inspire

As the sun rises the east and north facing sides of One Park Place enjoy a warm sunlit view of downtown Fredonia.  As the sun reaches its apex and descends the west and south facing sides catch the second half of the days insolation. Three of the buildings sides are bordered by complementing businesses/buildings while the fourth faces the barker commons where you can sit, relax and let the town stimulate you creative side. 




A Walk Inside  

When you enter the building you're greeted by a clean, well lit, friendly atmosphere.  A professional color scheme is consistent throughout the buildings interior.  Common areas are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors for anyone to enjoy. Wide illuminated hallways make movement through high traffic areas easy. Come visit a eclectic collection of businesses on the ground and second floors, these include a coffee shop, beauty salon, chiropractor(s), yoga studio, dentist office and many more. To learn more page over to our directory to find the business links.